Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ben@3 weeks old

Ben @ 3 weeks old --- he is growing bigger and stronger!

He started showing some smiling face these days. Here he looks almost smiling ...

Sleeping on my father's (his grandfather's) lap

Playing with Nanny

Benjamin held by Granddad Pete ("This is for you, Zoe! Your turn, next!" says Christine;-)

First Walk in our neighborhood (with a brandnew stroller)
The stroller is a gift from my parents 

   Last Sunday (May 11th) was Mother's Day - so we went to Story Inn to have a brunch there. Benjamin remained a very good boy, keeping calm and quiet (well, sleeping ;-) for most of the time during our brunch.
   I received a flower bunch and a Mother's Day card from Benjamin (!!), which his father brought to me "on behalf of Benjamin". Amar claimed that Benjamin asked him to buy flowers and write (dictate) a card for me. In the card, Benjamin said, "Thank you for being the greatest Mom in the world --- your milk is absolutely delicious!" Well, nice collaboration it was;-) And it certainly turned out to be a very nice, memorable first Mother's Day.
 Thank you Amar and Benjamin! 

Last Monday (May 12th) we went hiking at Brown County State Park for the second time since Benjamin was born (first one was on April 30th, when he was still 2 weeks old).  Last time we went with my parents, and this time with Peter and my father (Christine stayed home due to the pain of her injured foot).  

I pumped my breastmilk in the car on our way to the Park, and Amar bottle-fed Benjamin while walking in the park. (Amar really likes to feed him whenever we have a chance! ;-)
Look at his (daddy's) proud face ;-)

Amar trying to let him burp - but Benjamin seems to be more interested in looking around in the forest than burping :-)

"Dad! I saw something over there!!"

Ben @ 1 and 2weeks old

Ben @ one week old 

Like father, Like son
Amar and Benjamin are so alike that I have mistaken Amar for Benjamin a couple of times already, when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Amar's face next to me.  My reaction at those times was like: "Wow! Why are you here, Benjamin?! And you look HUGE!!"

Ben @ 2 weeks old

Full House!

  Following my parents' arrival on April 21st, Amar's mother and her partner also came to visit (and help) us on May 6th. So our house has suddenly become a "Full House".

We visited(invaded?) Amar's lab and office together and our parents, as well as our newborn baby Benjamin, were introduced to Amar's research group students.

Peter proved to be a great BBQ chef (partly thanks to the BBQ cooking course he had been taking in NZ recently ;-)

Christine made a great pavlova (NZ's most famous dessert) for my mother Kazuyo's Birthday and farewell party.

My mother's beaming smile doing the "cake-cutting" .... and then, of course her smile was followed by tears and cries too...