Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giggling Benjamin on Christmas Day

Going for a walk with his brand-new winter jacket and hat, Christmas gifts from his grandparents in Japan, and new mittens from his Nanny

Walking in the snow

Hope you all had a happy Christmas day.

We had a great Christmas here, with Amar's Mom (AND Benjamin's Nanny) visiting us over Christmas.

Here is one short video clip from our Christmas Day - Benjamin playing "Inai Inai Ba" (= Japanese version of "Peek-a-boo") game with his Daddy and his favorite cuddly toy "Baa Baa Sheep".


Some Christmas Photos...

Christmas Day Breakfast - Michiko's Sourdough Pancakes

Christmas Dinner - Roasted Chicken stuffed with ham, hazelnuts and herbs

Amar and Christine (Amar's Mom) did most of the cooking - umm, what a lucky wife I am!

New Trike, which turned out to become his best favorite Christmas gift (from Nanny)

Christmas gift from us parents was this Wooden Train Blocks (below). He loved this toy too!
(Look at his serious face :-)
The black object in front (in the photo above) is a Wooden miniature toy of London Taxi, from Grandad Colin and Grandma Kerry. Benjamin loved this AS WELL!!! Thank you!!