Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Benjamin is 11 months old

Benjamin turned 11 months old yesterday (3.17). It is unbelievable that he will be 1 year old in just a month!!

Benjamin at the end of his 11th month (10-month old):

Benjamin's recent favorite plays:

(Left: He likes to put this (or anything he has at the time) to his mouth and make "ababababa..." sound.) (Right: He's already started playing with a computer, clicking a mouth and touching a keyboard!"

He finds so many different ways to play with a basket - putting it on his head like a hat, seeing it through the sunlight, inspecting it from different angles, and so on......

He likes to swish, swoosh, a long stick at the air:

Somehow, most of Benjamin's playdates are with girls :-)
(Left: Maya, 15 months old, is stroking Benjamin's head [this is a gesture of "You're good boy, good boy" in Japanese]. Right: on a day when we had a playdate with Lara, 8 months old)

Maya's snack time - as soon as he noticed that Maya is going to eat something, he ran to the high chair and tried to reach for the food (^ ^ ;)

"Princess Maya, please give me one, too." "OK... I'll give you just one then."

"Here you go."

"What? Do you want one more? If you really want, see if you can take it from me."

"OK then. ..........I got it!!!"