Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Benjamin is 10 months old

Benjamin turned 10 months old last week, on Feb. 17th.

It was on this very day that he started standing up by himself (without any support) and momentarily hold himself in a standing position! Now one wonders when he will take his first step forward. ^^

Since he can stand on his own only momentarily and so I need to keep vigilant beside him, I haven't been able to get any shot of him standing by himself yet. But I have a few photos in which he is about to stand up, and he is standing against the window (instead of a piece of furniture such as a table or a sofa).

I actually took these photos when we were at the BABS playgroup.
(I could take some photos when Benjamin was trying to stand up because there were other adults around.)

Benjamin playing with Ivan (12 months old)

Benjamin playing with Bennet (10.5 months - and he started walking just a week ago, his Mom said.)
Benjamin trying to stand up

Here he is standing on his own ↓

Other recent favorite photos...

He usually finds himself on his Mom's back toward the end of the day.

But Mom! I want to see what you are doing!!

Cheeky Benjamin's recent favorite play ... open the cupboards and pull out everything!

At the BABS (taken by a friend photographer, using my camera)

Playtime with Daddy is a very special time every evening

Eating (or smashing into his mouth) a piece of French Toast (or what it was supposed to be **)

His big smile as he always has during a meal time

Please take a note to his lower front teeth :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Playing in the Snow

Last week we had a huge amount of snow - I think it accumulated at least about 12-15 inches.

The day after the snow stopped, when the sun was out, I took Benjamin out to the yard to let him see and play in the snow.

Other photos of the landscape in the snow...

A boy in the neighbor and his dog came to our yard...

I wonder if Benjamin will be running joyfully in the snow like this boy and his dog,
in a few years...