Thursday, January 22, 2009

Benjamin watches Obama's Inauguration Speech

Yesterday, January 20th, 2009, was the day of historical moment -
Obama's Inauguration.

As millions of people all over the world must have, we also watched
Obama's Inauguration speech intently yesterday. And Benjamin was no

Look at how intently Benjamin is watching Obama's speech (even though
it is only for 10 seconds or so ;-).

I actually wanted to capture the moment in which Benjamin was clapping
his hands as if he WERE clapping to the birth of this new historical
president, but as soon as I took out the video camcorder he stopped
clapping hands - usual story :-(

Anyways, please press the 'Play' button of the following video, it runs
only 40 seconds. Hope you find it funny too, as we (Amar and I) did.

Benjamin Watches Obama's Inauguration Speech

So proud of himself standing up on the couch, using Dad's legs as his support ^^

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Benjamin started crawling (finally!)

He looks kind of small with a long corridor as his background ;-)

Benjamin is on the move at last!! --- His long-awaited crawling finally
started two weeks ago, on the 5th of January (at his 8.5 months). Both
Amar and I are so joyous now, because we had just started wondering if
Benjamin was one of those babies who "never crawl and just straight to
stand up and start walking one day", when he finally started to move

Now he can move from one room to another by himself, and can find Mom when she disappears!

His crawling so far is still a bit awkward (he cannot get over trying
to stand up somehow, so he often stops crawling to see if he can stand
up - well, so it seems, at least - by putting up one of his legs
instead of keeping kneeling to move forward ;-), but the important
thing is that he IS moving forward now! Well done, our boy! (<--- In
Japanese, we call this "Oya-baka", which means "parents' silliness
(=parents' blind love)" ;-)

Funny thing is, Benjamin finally started cutting his first set of teeth
just the day before he started crawling --- another big growth sign
just around the same time! It seems it is quite true that babies grow
"in spurts".

Anyways, here are two video clips of Benjamin's crawling - the first
one was taken on the very next day after he started crawling, and the
second one was taken today (about two weeks since he started crawling).
In these video clips, there is another thing I would like you to notice
--- Benjamin's clapping hands.

He started doing this about a month ago, but these days he seems to do
it more and more consciously (in other words, in appropriate timings).
I found it irresistibly cute!

Please enjoy.

p.s. To Christine - Happy Birthday, Christine! These videos are another
birthday present for you! Hope you will enjoy them.