Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Benjamin is now walking everywhere

These video clips were taken 10 days after he took his very "first steps" (see the previous post).

And boy, now he is walking everywhere on his own!!

 ↑ He sees a dog off (says "wan-wan!" [= "bow-wow" in Japanese]) , and then he picks up something and brings it to me, saying "dozo" [="Here you are" in Japanese]. To that I answer, "Oh how sweet. Thank you very much. --- oops, it's some rubbish someone threw away."

 ↑ He goes up the big hill all on his own.

 ↑ He first tries to go down the hill, but he gets distracted by a bench. He climbs and crawls on that, and at the end of the bench he climbs down it very skillfully (>proud Mom ;-).

 ↑ Now he goes down the hill and walks up to the play gym, where he finds other babies and kids playing. Nothing can stop him now, of course! :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Benjamin's first steps

Here are two video clips of Benjamin's first steps. (He had already walked his very first step the day before, to be exact, but I think we can call this "his first steps".

I took this video with my father's video camera, and it was not compatible with my mac computer. I uploaded this from my father's Windows computer, and for some reason the sound is lost in this uploaded video clips.

But I hope you will enjoy at least watching his tiny (but giant) first steps.