Monday, February 19, 2007

Pilates Studio Opening

Last Friday I was invited to a studio opening by my pilates teacher, Kirk Smith.
I started taking pilates classes in January this year. As it turned out, my teacher Kirk Smith also moved into Bloomington (from Boston) about the same time as I moved into Bloomington in May 2006. I found it quite impressive that he managed to open his own studio as soon as within one year since he moved to the new town. (Our classes until then took place in a studio that Kirk was renting for each of his classes.)

His new studio is very large and well organized, and has a clean and quiet atmosphere - I like it a lot, especially the fact that big windows gives us an open feeling.

The studio opening seemed very successful. A lot of people visited and showed interest in pilates exercises, and Kirk was busy explaining the concept of pilates, demonstrating exercises, and greeting all the visitors. I was very happy for him that the opening was successful. As I had heard that Kirk was going to open some bottles of champagne, I contributed a little bit of my chicken liver pate (=paste) and crackers to the event, and was glad that Kirk enjoyed and apprecaited it a lot.

Though I have just started taking Kirk's classes and this is my first time to try pilates, I can see that Kirk is a very talented teacher, as he can immediately spot and treat any problem we have in our body movement, and also as he can verbally and minutely explain each movements and its significance to our body function, which I really appreciate. (I like to understand why we do this and how before doing anything, not only for pilates but for piano, bread baking and everything;-) My classmates in the pilates class, Lisa and Theresa, are also very nice, so I enjoy the class a lot.

Here are some more photos --- unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me and so they were taken by my cellphones. Sorry for the bad resolution.

(LEFT: Kirk demonstrating an exercise / RIGHT: Kirk explaining something to Natsuki, a friend of mine and my piano teacher)

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