Friday, June 22, 2007

We Are Home

(Day lilies and margarets)

We made it to home in Bloomington on Wednesday night, coming back from our Europe trip.

I'm hoping to post the reports of our trip (with lots of photographs!) before they become out of date, but since I have a lot to catch up at home before leaving for Japan in 2 weeks, the posts will probably come little by little.

Amar has shown his interest in joining me in writing the blog postings about our trip (;-), so hopefully, it will be full reports of all of our trips - Michiko's Leamington Spa-Paris-Luxembourg trip, Amar's Edingborogh trip/conference, and M&A's Denmark-London trip.

On coming back home, I found our yard having grown even more beautiful. Clematis in front is at its best now, several kinds of lilies in different shapes and colors as well as pretty flagrant lavenders are also in bloom, and basils I planted just before leaving for Europe are doing very well. Phew, I'm so glad that our yard has kept its good shape pretty well despite three weeks' absence of its master ;-). (But I should mention that Amar told me that he did some weeding at the first week of my absence, when he was still working here in Bloomington.)

Although the garden is quite in a good shape, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is "weedless" - on the contrary I found quite a lot of weeds that grew back vigorously throughout the garden, which will keep me busy during the two weeks I have before going back to Japan on July 4th @@; -

(Clematis in full bloom)

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