Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BBQ Season Arrived!

I have been keeping weeding over the last weekend... the weather has been beautiful this week, with perfect temperature and humidity as well as the blue sky and sunshine, so it was rather a pleasure than torture to do all this gardening everyday. But serious weeding for 5-6 hours a day for the whole week can be a bit tough on body, and my body does hurt now because of so much repetition of crouching and standing up.

But we had a really nice weekend, enjoying each other's company. On Saturday afternoon, Amar joined me in the yard and he worked sitting on the lawn while I was weeding, and after a while we even had a teatime on the grass together with the tea Amar made and British digestive biscuits I made on that morning. Hmm... perfect Saturday afternoon (=^_^=)

With such a beautiful weather, it is one of the greatest privilege of living in a house with a porch and a lot of green in the yard to eat outside, with a BBQ --- yes, the BBQ season is here!
So Sunday turned out even more perfect for me, as Amar voluntarily offered to cook dinner for us, to try out our BBQ grill for the first time this summer. Referring the great Grill cooking book from William's Sonoma, he marinated chicken with lemon and olive oil (with herbs and garlic), capsicums (bell peppers), broccoli, sweet potatoes, and some pumpkin slices. Wow, it was such a beautiful and delicious delight! We ate a strawberry cheese cake that I made for a dessert.

On Monday, Amar wanted to cook on BBQ again! (to my big pleasure... ^_^) I think Amar wants to practice and develop his BBQ/grilling skills to prove his real "kiwi man"-ness. Since he usually comes home late on Mondays, I marinated the pork chops (fresh from the butcher's that day) with olive oil, garlic and some fresh herbs from the garden (sage and rosemary). On his return, Amar prepared some potatoes spicing them up with cumin, paprika and brown sugar, and BBQed them as well as the pork chops. While he was cooking, I continued gardening until it gets dark (these days the daylight lingers until 9:30pm) - and Amar called me out when the dinner was ready. It's so great to be called for dinner and eat someone's cooking. It was again a great summer dinner, what a lucky wife I am. ;-)

(Right: A sage plant in the garden - with little purple flowers)

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