Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One Year Anniversary of Our Life Together

Yesterday (the 8th of May) was our one year anniversary of living together in Bloomington. (I arrived in Bloomington on May 8th last year.)

Somehow I feel this is even more significant for us than our wedding anniversaries (which are March 20th in Japan and March 26th in NZ), for this is the anniversary that we really, actually started living together.

So, I kind of talked Amar into having dinner out on Tuesday May 8th, and we did it at Limestone Grill, which is one of our most favorite restaurans here in Bloomington. I think we deserved it anyway because we didn't have any dinner out for our wedding anniversary this year ;-)

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me that night, so I have only poor-quality pictures taken by my cellphone - but maybe still better than nothing, to remember the day I think :-)

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