Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy News

I have a happy news to share!

Amar and I are expecting a baby in spring next year (the due date is April 25th, 2008).

I know this may sound funny or strange to those who have read my last post (on Aug. 28th), but actually this pregnancy came as a great (and very happy) surprise to ourselves too.

So, as I wrote in my last post, I had been on a medical procedure to address a problem I had and my gynecologist had advised me to avoid getting pregnant until the problem is solved. So we had been on contraceptives for quite a while as advised by the doctor.

However, just after I wrote my last post (Aug. 28th), we found out that I was pregnant. I had been feeling strangely sick and nauseous for some time by then, and finally I started wondering if I might have been pregnant --- and I had a positive pregnancy test on Aug. 31st.

I immediately reported it to my gynecologist, not without expecting that she might tell us off or advise us to give up the baby, but to my surprise and great relief, the doctor didn't tell us off nor advised to give up the baby --- but she actually said, "Congratulations! Well, contraceptives (condoms) are not perfect, I know. So, now that you are pregnant, I think we should try to keep the baby and we can continue our medical procedure after the delivery."

So that was how it happened, and I am now 5-month pregnant, and both Amar and I are happy "new expectant parents-to-be", and all of our parents (those in Japan, in NZ, and in the UK) are happy "new expectant grandparents-to-be".
I had quite a severe morning sickness for about 3 months, and during this time I couldn't eat, cook, nor bake much... but I finally got it over several weeks ago, and I started being active again. (^^)

Another happy news is that one of my younger sisters, Tomoko, who got married in July this year, is also expecting her first baby --- a boy baby. She is 7-month pregnant now, and her due date is March 10th.
It is really nice to be pregnant together with my sister, as we can share a lot of information, concerns, and of course happiness about being pregnant.


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are wonderful new, Michiko ! I felt that you would share some good news with us today !
If you have any questions about the new baby, do not hesitate to ask me... I'm not an expert, but my two little ones have taught me a lot !
Take care !

Lot of Love


Anonymous said... the way, I have tried to write you a couple of emails but your address did not seem to work. Can you send me your new address ?

Sonia (Paris)