Monday, April 21, 2008

First Morning with Ben at Home

Please click the button to see the video message from the new dad.

I forgot to mention some important information in my previous post, such as his weight and height: Benjamin's weight was 3030g (=6lb. 11oz), his height 50cm (=20in.), and his head measurement was 33cm.


mayumi said...

Dear Michiko and Amar,
Congratulations! And welcome,Benjamin!!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes - he is beautiful!
Please let us know if you need anything.
-Maurie & Lane Baker

kuri said...

Benjamin you are so lovely!!!

Sune and Anneli said...

Hi Amar, Michiko and Benjamin
Lots of love from Denmark. Ben, you are absolutely adorable :-)

Have fun keeping mum up at night...

Take care
Sune and Anneli

Zoran said...

A lovely baby, and what a nice name as well! Benjamin 拓海 Flood is sure to leave an impression wherever he goes. For now, though, he is bound to be leaving most of his impressions in his diapers, but let's give him time. :)