Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More photos and updates

  First of all, please let me thank you to all those who sent us warm messages of congratulations to our latest news.  I am sorry for not having been able to reply to most of those messages yet, due to all the hustles and hecticness of our new life as brand-new parents ;-)
  But I am hoping to write back to everyone as soon as our life settles down . 

  On the 21st of April (4 days later the birth of Ben) my parents arrived here in Bloomington. 

Happy family --- new parents and new grandparents, with our precious newborn!

My parents (especially Mom) has been of a great help to us, doing all the house chores from cooking to laundry and to cleaning the house.

Amar is very happy to use the special sling called "Nature's Sway" sent from his Mom in NZ.  
sleeping peacefully in daddy's sling

Our friends James & Jenny kindly offered to my parents a tour to the town and IU campus, as a nice courtesy to my father's giving a tour of Himeji Castle and the city to them when James and Jenny visited Japan last autumn.

My parents have been very lucky during their stay: the weather has been very nice (sunny and pleasant almost everyday so far), and having such nice friends as James and Jenny, and Hiromi, who took them out for exploration of this town and some events around the town. (They could even attend both Hilary Clinton's and Barak Obama's campaign speeches at IU with the help of Hiromi!! As the primary election at the state of Indiana is on May 6th, both Clinton and Obama have been visiting Indiana, including Bloomington.) You can imagine how excited my parents are about this!!

What are you looking at, Benjamin...?

Happy Grandparents

Sheepskin rug given by Amar's Dad and Kerry for our wedding gift --- finally used for the first time!

Big yawn

Big stretch!

And going back to peaceful sleep...

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