Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Birthday and Childproofing the House

Last Wednesday (September 3rd) was my 38th birthday.

It turned out to be a really special day and week, thanks to Amar's special treats on the preceding Sunday as well as on my birthday.

He had a surprise gift for me on the morning of my birthday --- a cooking book called Breakfast, Lunch, Tea from Rose Bakery (see top photo). I have been very curious about this book since I heard about it from a friend who is a very good cook and lives in London.  (Rose Bakery is a popular cafe restaurant in Paris and in London.)  

Yesterday, I have already tried one recipe from the book --- Apple & Blackberry Crumble, which proved to be very delicious ^^

This gift was a surprise to me, because I thought I had already had a special treat for my birthday on Sunday: he devoted his Sunday to me (and to Benjamin), doing all the things I had on my list of "Things I would like Amar to do" ;-), such as childproofing the house, going shopping with me for Benjamin, and cooking dinner for me.

And he did all of the things on the list, too!

He first started his Sunday with installing locks to the every cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom that contain any kind of hazardous items.

After that, we went out for shopping at a second-hand store for babies and moms called "Once Upon a Child", looking for Benjamin's clothes (he has already outgrown so many clothes and now he can wear only those for 6-months-old babies, though he is still 4 months old...^_^;), and some items useful for childproofing the house.

Though we didn't really find any useful items for childproofing in that shop, we got some nice clothes for Benjamin, and a baby's chair called "Bumbo Seat". (The Bumbo Seat was not a used item --- they sell some new items as well, apparently.)

Bumbo Seats are meant for babies who has just gained their head control but cannot sit by themselves unassisted --- the bumbo seat provides a minimum assistance and thereby babies can learn to balance their body to sit on their own eventually.

Benjamin looks so cute sitting in this bumbo seat! 

My sister Tomoko also had bought a bumbo seat for her son Yu-chan, and he looks just as cute, too! ^^

We have also bought a foam mat for children's nursery --- they are very useful to protect Benjamin from injury in case he falls down (well, when he starts crawling and walking, you know), and of course protecting the hardwood floor from babies' activities.

Benjamin looks very small (and cute) after we put out this mat ^^:

Benjamin seems to quite enjoy this new mat.^^

*I will upload more photos of Benjamin sitting in his Bumbo Seat on my photo album website.

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