Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Solid Food

Benjamin is turning 6 months old next week. I had been waiting for his 6-month-old birthday to start solid foods, but since Benjamin had been showing so much curiosity and interest in what we(adults) eat every time we are having a meal and some snack, I decided that it is time for him to try his first solid food.

His first solid food was a Japanese rice porridge, which is a traditional and most popular choice for a baby's first solid food in Japan.

So --- how did he like it?  

Well, I must say, he LOVED it!!!  

The instant I brought a small plate with this rice porridge to him, he seemed as though he was already anticipating that he was at last (!) going to be fed with "a real stuff" (as Amar put it), and he leaned toward me and the spoon I held for him. ^^;
And after the first mouthful, he didn't stop begging for more!

It has past already 6 days since the start of solid foods, so from tomorrow I am going to introduce another food.  Maybe some grated apple or mashed avocado...  
Solid food is quite a fun, I found! :-) 

Very curious...

He is trying to put the spoon head in his mouth, but it seems the spoon is too long...??

Finally, he managed to put it in his mouth...

"Ooogh!  What's this?"

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