Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Benjamin is 6 months old (with a video clip)

Benjamin turned 6 months old on the 17th of October.

His developmental milestones that I have observed are:
- He finally started to roll over. So far, just from tummy to back. It seems he is not very interested in rolling over --- he is more interested in standing up, it seems.

- He has been practicing (or so it seems) standing up a lot in the past couple of weeks. He is now able to hold himself with just his toes and his hands on the ground. (See the video clip below.)

- He can sit by himself for about 2-3 minutes

- He is becoming more and more mobile (though he can only rotate and move backwards when he is apparently trying to move forwards). Lately, he moves from one corner of the lounge (the biggest room in the house) to the other corner of the room in a matter of 1 or 2 minutes! The other day he was almost getting himself into the bathroom near the lounge against (or without) his intention, and he gave a wimpering noise to draw my attention. This is one of the most hilarious episodes of his in the past few weeks ;-)

- He started showing interest and liking in music and Mom's singing. Whenever I start singing for him, he instantly looks up at me and gives me a big smile. How adorable and flattering! ^^ I know it is only him in this big world who finds such a delight in my singing...

- We (Amar, Benjamin and myself) started going to a Baby Sign Language class offered by the city. It is a 6-class series, and during the class we mostly sings and dances with signs. It's fun, but I guess we need to make a bit more efforts to learn and use more signs, not only going to the classes, in order for Benjamin to be actually able to learn some signs. But learning signs would do good for all of us, as it may help the baby to express himself while he can understand what we say but cannot talk himself yet (usually 1-2 years old).

- He started to sleep much longer and better through the night. Now he hardly wakes up during the night, and he sleeps from 8PM till 6 or 7AM everyday. What a bliss! (Though, at the same time, I do miss these night-time nursing sessions... ;-)

There are more photos of him on my PhotoAlbum site. Please visit "Photos of Benjamin 6 Months Old" and type "guest" for UserName and "shootingstar" for password.

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