Thursday, March 13, 2008

The best baguette so far and dinner with Tom & Amy

Last Tuesday we had a dinner with Tom and Amy at our place (it is a spring break here this week: 10th -14th March).
To welcome them, I baked baguettes, as well as prepared a gratin, a salad (which was actually by Amar), and two kinds of desserts (creamy custard pudding and chocolate banana brownie cake).

I have been working on improving my baguettes lately, especially in terms of appearance (including the color of the crust, crustiness of the crust, and coupe/scoring of the crust). To my great pleasure, everyone who tried my baguettes seem to really love them, and give me a lot of pleasing comments. I do agree with them (humbly) that the homemade baguettes always taste nice, probably largely thanks to the fact that these baguettes I bake for the guests are always fresh from oven.
But at the same time, it is still very difficult for me to create really aesthetically superb baguettes --- especially the coupe! So my quest for a perfect baguette still continues (a long way)...

But I was quite pleased with the outcome of my recent efforts on Tuesday --- the baguettes I baked for Tom and Amy turned out the best so far. Although the coupe (scoring) is far from perfect yet, they look quite appealing compared to my former ones.

It is a bit unfortunate that I won't be able to do much baking for a while after our baby comes... but of course nothing makes us happier than having our own little baby ^^ I just hope that I won't have forgotten everything that I have learned by the time I can start baking again :-)

(I was quite glad with the crumb of this baguette, with lots of holes in it.)

The evening was great, we had so much to catch up with each other, and couldn't stop talking... And the appetizer and the bottle of French white wine they brought were fabulous too! I loved the hummus Tom made, both its taste and its presentation. (Tom is a great cook as shown by the fact that he won the first and second prizes in an annual salsa contest at a local farmer's market three times (over three years) in a row!)

Tom and Amy also enjoyed the gratin, and both of the two kinds of desserts I made - Amy especially loved the creamy custard pudding. ^^

Thank you for coming and for your great company, Tom and Amy. We should get together more often... well, we surely will, when you come to live near us in May!


Tom said...


Thank you for your generous complements about my humble hummus. It was no match for your incredible baguettes, which we are still raving about. The dinner was fantastic, and I am glad that you have immortalized it in your blog. You have a real knack for capturing the evening in words and pictures!!!

Michiko said...

Thank you for your comment, Tom... and THANK YOU for your generous complements about my baguette!

No, seriously, your hummus was great... I want to learn how to make it sometime ^^. Cannot wait for the day when you come to live in our neighborhood!