Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Baby Born - My sister Tomoko's first boy

My younger sister Tomoko successfully gave a birth to her first baby yesterday (March 4th, 8:15am by Japanese time) --- a great news to all of our family!

It seems it was quite a long and difficult labor and delivery, but now both the mother (Tomoko) and her baby are fine, and all that ends well is well.

Our (=Tomoko's and my) Mom and Tomoko's husband Koichi have accompanied her all through the night while she was in labor, and at the last moment of birth, it was Koichi and our youngest sister Yuriko who were in the birth room. (Unfortunately Mom had to go back to her work at 7AM, to attend the city government's assembly meeting, and Dad had to drive her to work, so they missed the very moment of the birth just by 1.5 hours!!).

But all of us are very happy now, so that's the most important thing I guess.

Next is my turn 〜 ^^

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