Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunday Brunch at Story Inn

Sunday two weeks ago, we went to Story Inn for a Sunday brunch with Erika and Simon. 
It was a great place!  You need to drive for about 45 minutes to get there from Bloomington, but as Erika and Simon had assured us, it was really well worthwhile.  As they said, it was a very nice drive (and it will surely be even more lovely and beautiful in spring, summer and fall), and the restaurant was lovely and cozy with good food (with not too-expensive prices).
But what makes Story Inn so special is that it is one of the best preserved examples of a 19th-century (pioneer-era) building that survives till today in the American Midwest.
You can read more in details about Story Inn on their official website, if you are interested (*Caution: when you jump to this website, music starts playing - so beware!). I particularly enjoyed reading about the history of Story Village and Story Inn.

We bought one of these mugs, as we liked the printed words such as "What's the Story?" "One Inconvenient Location Since 1851." :-)

The "Tall-Stack Chocolate-chip Pancakes" that Amar ordered.  "It has long been my dream," he said, "to have such tall-stack pancakes, pour a bountiful amount of maple syrup over them, sink a knife into it and eat a big, tall piece in one bite!" ... So there he went.  He looked so happy fulfilling his long-sought dream. ;-)

In the upper right corner picture, Erika is stroking the house cat. The upper left picture shows a team of race-bikers (?) who seemed to stop to use a restroom here ;-) Their house cat was quite willing to pause for my camera, but he or she rarely smiled and looked rather grumpy most of the time...

There is a lovely cottage garden at the back of Story Inn too. Luckily, it was such a lovely day with a warm sunshine (a-few-day spell in the midst of severe, lingering cold weather) - so we made most of it and took a little walk around the garden. I bet the garden will look superb in spring and summer, with lots of flowers, greens and vegetables grown there. We should definitely go back there during summer!

The tree with an elephant-like name "Babar" (as in the famous children's picture book). We found it very cute ^^

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