Saturday, December 15, 2007

Amar's group's Xmas Party

Friday last week we had a Xmas party with Amar's research group students.
It was a potluck party and lots of tasty dishes were contributed by students (thank you everyone ^^).

↑ Bagettes that I baked on the day.

↑ Pot Roast Pork and NZ banana cake (both by Michiko).

↑ (From Left, clockwise:) Pork in a sweet-sour sauce (by Yuan), Lasagna (by Kristy), Gyoza (by Andrew), Spring Rolls (by Yonjun), and Chicken Curry (by Parimel) --- All of them were really tasty!

↑ Celery Boats (by Joe) --- Yummy appetizer which he told us his Mom used to make for Christmas parties^^

↑ From left: NZ Banana Cake (with just a half side iced with chocolate icing, by Michiko) and Pumpkin Pie (by Robert)
The only-half-part icing is a compromise between Amar (who loves icing) and Michiko (who cannot tolerate the sweetness of the icing;-)

After dinner, we played "Christmas gifts exchange games". Every guest had brought two "jokey gifts" (for $2-5 each) and we had a lot of fun by exchanging and opening these gifts.

Eddy with a Queen Tiara - everyone had to call him "Your Highness" afterwards! ^^

Kristy with "gun gloves" --- she seemed very happy shooting people around her with these gun gloves;-)

And finally, here are the silly pictures of the faces with a pair of silly "beard-glasses":

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