Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bad Christmas Sweater Party!

Last Sunday we were invited to a "Bad Christmas Sweater Party" at Erika and Simon's. The invitation letter included the picture like this:

At first Amar and I had no idea where to get such sweaters, but thought that we would need to look for them anyway to attend the party.

Then, during the Christmas party with Amar's research group which we happened to host the day before the Christmas Sweater Party, some American students gave us excellent ideas. At first, when Amar and I mentioned the Sweater Party, Kristy and Joe said, "Oh--- a Christmas Sweater Party!! That's a classic! We always buy such sweaters at Goodwill!" (Goodwill is a sort of recycle store.) So we thought, oh Ok, that's not a bad idea. Yes, we should get such sweaters secondhand, not new ones. We may need to go to Goodwill tomorrow then.

But while we were playing the Christmas gift game (see the previous post), I happened to get a Christmas sock with a Santa Clause on it. Then Kristy suggested, "Well Michiko! Now you don't have to even buy any Christmas sweater --- you can just pin that sock to your ordinary sweater, you see!"
Hmm, what an excellent idea!! Thanks, Kristy!!

Luckily, there was another Christmas sock (with a snow man on it) among the rest of the gifts, and the person who got it kindly left it for us to use for the Christmas Sweater Party.

So we made up our Christmas sweater like this ---

(We happened to have a green sweater and a red sweater for each ... so they look quite Christmas-y together, don't they.)

And on Sunday, we wore these sweaters and went to the party. Erika and Simon loved the sweaters, and Simon said, "Wow! You're the winner!!" the instant he saw Amar's sweater. Amar answered with his "Ho, ho, ho...." ;-)

Other people's sweaters and Christmas-y attires were also quite good. Which one would you pick?

Erika, Simon and Beau (the hosts of the party) had prepared a generous amount of pizza dough and various ingredients for pizzas, so that we guests can also join making pizzas of our own. It was fun and the pizzas came out very nice and tasty!

Their cat Starbuck occupying the very front of the fire...

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randy said...

The sweaters looked great , I made several similar to that last year , they were a hit!