Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas 2007

Just like last year, I didn't have to do any cooking for Christmas Day --- Amar did everything. (yes!) ^0^/
He roasted a whole chicken with some stuffing in it, and potatoes and onions around it. This dish is one of my favorite dishes. 
We had a guest for our Christmas lunch this year - Natsuki, a very good friend of mine who is also my piano teacher in Bloomington. She also enjoyed Amar's roasted chicken, together with salad and his "famous" NZ Christmas cake.  (The only thing I contributed to this lunch was making a custard sauce for this cake.)
It was a very nice, relaxed Christmas dinner with a good company.  I wonder what it will be like, our Christmas next year ... must be quite a hectic yet exciting one with a little baby in the house!

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