Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 months old

On Thursday, July 17th, he turned to 3 months old.  Now he weighs 7.4kg!

His latest developmental milestones:

(1) Started "Hand Regarding"
Since 13th week or so, he started to watch his hands and legs intently, when he is on his bed or bassinet, and left alone to play by himself.
According to some books on babies, this "hand-regarding" indicates that the baby started to recognize their own hands and feet as parts of their own body (i.e. realized that they can move and use their hands and feet at their own will), and therefore it is a very important developmental milestone!

(2) As a consequence of that "hand-regarding", he also started to be able to find his own thumb and put it into his mouth so he can suck it without our help.  He still cannot do it with 100% accuracy and succeeds in finding it in his month only once out of three times or so, but this is a great development for us parents --- for, this means that the day is nearing when he can (hopefully) fall asleep by himself, without our constant assistance!!

  I really wish that the day comes very soon...  (These days, it is getting more and more difficult for me to put him to sleep, especially for naps, as he is so curious about everything around him that he tries to keep his eyes open to see everything even when I am holding, rocking and singing to him in my sling to put him to sleep!

  But when he does find his thumb and falls asleep by himself, he surely looks like an angel (and he certainly is, too!).


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