Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do we look alike?

Daddy and Son☆
We took this photo last Sunday (July 6th). Benjamin is at the end of his 11th week.
*Please note that Benjamin is wearing a shirt which says "COOL just like DADDY" --- the shirt was a baby gift given by Amar's research group students.  They know what pleases Amar, eh!

☆Daddy, Mommy and Son☆
Each of these were taken within a few days after each one's birth.
Can you tell who's who? :-)

☆Cousins (Benjamin and Yuuto, my sister's boy)☆

Yuuto (or Yuu-chan, as we call him) is now 4.5 months old, whereas Benjamin (or Taku-chan, as I and my Japanese family call him) is almost 3 months old.

Two cuties glancing up at their moms:

Both boys love to perch on their Moms and Dads...

(↑  The two photos above were taken by Yuriko, our youngest sister, with her new digital SLR camera.)

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