Sunday, July 6, 2008

A handmade mobile

A good old friend of mine from my high school age sent me a baby gift (a CD set of Japanese nursery songs) a while ago.   A charming surprise, she enclosed dozens of paper cranes she made for me (and Benjamin, of course) in the package.

I wanted to keep the cranes in a memorable way, so that I can cherish her thoughts for us as well as the cranes themselves --- and I thought of making a little mobile using them.

And so I went to a handcraft shop one day and got some beads and utensils for beads craft, and started making a mobile.

Amy, who makes jewelry and accessories using stones and beads, happened to come by for lunch when I was just about to start the project, and she gave me some good advice. (That is, putting beads around the ring wire used for hanging cranes, as shown in the center of the picture below.) 

After several days of work, using fleeting moments between frequent nursings of Benjamin, I finally put them together and made them into what barely seems to be like a mobile.
I am not 100% satisfied with the outcome --- perhaps I should have made it with more numbers of shorter trains of cranes. Maybe I can redo it sometime --- when I find my time and inspiration again!

But so far, Benjamin has shown some interest in the mobile --- especially when I let it swing gently.  When I showed it to him at the time he was just about to cry, he stopped crying and was intently looking at it for quite a long time. ^^

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