Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Whole Salmon!

Here in the U.S. we had a long weekend thanks to the 4th of July (the Independence Day).
Amar volunteered to cook dinner during this weekend, provided that the weather is fine enough for him to be able to use the BBQ grill.  Fortunately the weather stayed well on Friday evening.  
And guess what he found at a local supermarket on that morning for an ingredient...

  The WHOLE Salmon!!

He wasn't intending to buy a whole salmon when he left home --- he just ran into this big salmon being brought into the store, to be displayed in the showcase for the Independent Day sale.  It was quite early in the morning (around 9AM), and a sales clerk assured him that it was fresh from the sea that morning and the fish was wild caught (a very important feature for this kind of fish, for both taste and nutritional reasons).

So he decided on the spot to buy the fish, and after excitedly reporting "his rare find" of the day to me on coming home,  he started browsing his favorite cooking book, "Essentials of GRILLING" (published by Williams Sonoma).  

He came across with the recipe for "Grill-smoked Salmon with Horseradish Sauce" in there.  So he went back to the supermarket later that day to get smoking chips and horseradish. (When he puts his mind on BBQ, he doesn't mind making an extra trip to a supermarket --- which is not is the case for most of the time ;-).

Anyways, this is the salmon on the grill --- being smoked for 2 hours.  Amar had marinated the fish for about 6 hours prior to grilling. (But desirably it is to be marinated for more than 12 hours.)

The whole fish fresh from the grill 
It was really, REALLY delicious!!!  It is especially so for us who live in the Midwest U.S., very far away from the sea and therefore cannot eat/afford good quality seafood very often.

Benjamin on that day

He was keeping us a company in the kitchen while we were cooking, when this photo was taken.

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