Saturday, March 17, 2007

From Michiko's Recent Kitchen Experiments

The following are the pictures of some of my recent kitchen experiments and cooking/baking of my original recipes.

***Bread with "homemade" wild yeast culture***

(Apple yeast loaf --- apple yeast bread #4)

(Apple wild yeast baguettes --- apple yeast bread #3. "Apple yeast" is wild yeast cultured from wild yeast residing on apple skins.)

(apple yeast scone bread --- apple yeast bread #5)

(rejuvelac sourdough pizza with wholewhat flour)

(making "rejuvelac" = enzyme water from sprouted wheatberries)

(my first "rejuvelac sourdough" bread --- not very successful as you can see ... ^_^;)

(rejuvelac sourdough bread with adzuki bean paste filling)

***Bread with commercial yeast***

(Onion Walnut Breat)

(Ciabatta al Formaggio)

***Growing sprouts at home & Making Japanese food from scratch***

(homemade "natto" (=Japanese fermented soy beans) Amar usually dislikes "natto" for its "sliminess", but the homemade ones seem to have passed his test ^^. Natto is a typical acquired taste thing, like "vegemite" in NZ.)

(home-grown broccoli sprouts)

***Japanese sweets made with my original recipe***

(green-tea & adzuki beans muffins)

(Japanese buckwheat & adzuki bean "manju" cakes)

(Japanese buckwheat & adzuki bean "manju" cakes with "kinako" (=roasted soy flour))

(strawberry & adzuki cakes)

***"Experimental" vegetarian dishes***

(Daikon radish cooked in mushroom & seaweed soupstock)

(Brown rice hamburgs with onion, mushroom, nuts and cheese --- hmm, it was yummy!)

(tempeh and soybean curry)

(Pumpkin & lentil croquettes)

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