Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our second Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday (the 20th of March) was our second wedding anniversary. We had originally intended to dine out to celebrate it, but partly because Amar has been too busy (he's leaving for Chicago for a conference in a few days), we decided to have our anniversary dinner at home.
I cooked a Korean hot pot called "Kimchee pot" - marinated pork, tofu, garlic chives and kimchee cooked in a hot and spicy soup with a lot of complex flavor - and made a pumpkin pie, which is one of the best favorite dessert of both Amar and myself. I recall that one of our first dates back in LA was a Korean dinner at a Korean restaurant in Koreatown - so I think the Kimchee pot helped freshen our memory of those days :-)

Amar bought a bottle of NZ white wine called "Richmond Plains", Nelson Sauvignon Blanc, and it turned out a perfect company for both hot Kimchee pot and pumpkin pie.
I decorated the pumpkin pie with my homemade caramel sauce and some pecan nuts, as well as whipped heavy cream. Amar adored the combination of caramel sauce and pumpkin pie, saying, "This is the best dessert ever!! I have never eaten a pumpkin pie like this! You should definitely make this your signature dessert." ... Well I am really happy that my pumpkin pie made him this happy ;-)

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