Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is here

Yesterday, Sunday the 11th of March, the day-light saving time started - and we forwarded clocks by one hour. The Spring is here! We felt so even more in the evening when we realized it was still very light and sunny at 8pm while having dinner.

Amar seems to have decided to take up mountain-biking exercises, renewing his new year's resolution (;-) --- and he went biking on a mountain-biking path in Brown County State Park in the morning.

Amar happily preparing for his mountain biking trip ↓

He came home about 2 and a half hours later, quite exhausted but very content of what he had done. First he washed his bike and made sure every part of his bike was ok, and then came to the kitchen and we had lunch together, during which he excitedly reported to me what he did and saw in the park and how it made him feel good to be doing exercises again. I am glad you are doing exercises again, Amar ;-)

To go with our festive feelings about the arrival of spring (well, maybe it is still just "a harbinger"of spring, but still we feel as if "Spring is here!"), I made strawberry mousse for a dessert yesterday - it helped to enliven our table after a long, harsh winter, I believe (^^)

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