Saturday, March 3, 2007

ISC (International Spouses Circle)'s cooking session (1)

I started attending International Spouses Circle organized by IU International Center last month (in February). ISC is an informal gathering group of spouses who are from foreign countries (like myself) and/or those whose spouses are from foreign countries. We meet once or twice a month, usually around lunch time, at IU International Center, and various activities such as International cooking session (in which we teach each other traditional dishes of different cultures and countries), and international dance workshop, watching films, etc.

Today's gathering was the first cooking session of this semester, and we had Ravit from Israel teaching us "Hummus" (= a chickpea/garvanzo beans paste widely eaten in Middle-East countries) and Nashwa from Egypt teaching us "Ful Medames" (= an Egyptian traditional beans dish). Both were very tasty and we enjoyed them with some pita bread supplied by the International Center. I found it quite funny when Nashwa explained the health benefits of beans (and therefore of Ful Medames), since it was exactly what I would mostly like to do myself ;-)

(Left: Hummus dished for serving Right: Nashwa cooking Ful Medames)

(left: Ful Medames cooking in a pot Right: Ravit's baby who entertained everyone during the session)

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