Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Sunday Dinner

For our Easter Sunday dinner this year, I cooked a rack of lamb. Just like making hot cross buns, cooking a rack of lamb (or any part of lamb) was the first experience for me. Living with a Kiwi husband in the U.S., gives me plenty of opportunities to try new things and I like that ;-)

I chose a fairly small rack of lamb and roasted it in the oven coated with parsley-mint-garlic-flavored bread crumbs. It turned out quite successful, and to my great relief, Amar appreciated and enjoyed it a lot too! Here is what he said: "Well, my family and friends in NZ will be totally impressed if you can cook lamb like this! If you cook Japanese food for them, it's nice..., but if you can cook NZ food just as good as they can, that's a totally different story ;-)!" ( ... ha-ha. is that so? :-)

The bottle of wine Amar chose for the Easter dinner was a Pinot Noir from Oregon - it was very nice wine too, and went along very well with both the lamb and the chocolate mousse I made for a dessert.

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