Friday, April 13, 2007

Korean Dumplings - ISC cooking session (2)

Yesterday, at the International Spouses Circle (ISC) gathering, we had the second cooking session of this semester. (For the first cooking session, please see the March 3rd article). The dish we tried was Korean dumplings. Three Korean women (Jaesun, Myungsun, and HeeMyung) explained and demonstrated how to make a filling (I was totally surprised and impressed to know how many ingredients are put together in the filling for Korean dumplings - in Chinese and Japanese traditional dumplings/gyozas, we usually put only ground pork, mushroom and chinese cabbage (or chinese garlic chives) for the main ingredients, but in Korean dumplings, they put kimchee, mungbean sprouts, korean sweetpotato starch noodle and tofu to go along with the pork!), and then everyone put the filling into wrappers and shaped them together, which was a lot of fun.

Apart from the dumplings we made there, we also had a chicken-cucumber salad brought by Yen (from China) and daikon-radish sweet-and-sour pickles brought by Myungsun as appetizers. Both were very nice and people especially loved Myungsun's daikon pickles. We have a similar daikon-radish sweet-and-sour pickles in Japan too, but I never imagined that this dish can be so popular among people from different countries, especially among those from the Western culture. Well, I was totally wrong and am happy to find it out ;-)

(left: Three teachers of the day: Myungsun, HeeMyung and Jaesun right: Daikon-radish pickles that were so popular!)

(left: Enjoying eating and chatting... right: Sandy, the organizer of the ISC)

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