Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Mousse

A few days ago I bought a lot of strawberries that were on sale at a supermarket, and with them I made some strawberry jam and strawberry mousse last Sunday, which seemed to bring spring to our home.

I like homemade jam because I can make it according to my taste (not as sweet - about 70% less sugar than the commercial ones - and thus pleasantly fresh and tangy). To my relief, Amar also liked fresh homemade jam, so we enjoyed it together with a slice of my raisin-yeast loaf fresh from oven on that day.


Sonia-Devi said...

Hello Michiko!!!

When you come to Paris in June, you can teach my older son calligraphy! He is now very interested in writing characters.

I am in China right now with my kids. They go to the kindergarten for two weeks (only) and I have a 1 week mission here.

I would love to see you again in June in Paris !!!

See you very soon, I hope !


kiwismile said...

Hi Sonia!!

Thank you for your comment from China --- I'm surprised to find out that you have been in China! So you have come back to your research job, I guess?
It is great that you can combine your work and visiting your family like that.
Hope your sons will enjoy the experience.

And yes, I am also looking forward to seeing you in Paris!

See you,