Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aquired a porch dining set... finally!

Last Saturday, we finally found a nice porch dining set (with a decent, affordable price) for the backporch of our house, at our usual/favorite secondhand furniture shop.

We have been looking for a nice porch dining set (with a reasonable price) for a long time, but we found it very difficult --- because each time we see something we like, they usually cost something like $1000 or more! It was way beyond our budget limit, you see ;-) But finally, we hit the luck!
So ever since we got the set last Saturday, we have been enjoying our "outdoor life" significantly... having all the lunches and dinners in the porch. We even spent all the Sunday afternoon here, pretending "we are sitting in a open-air cafe" :-)

And listen to what Amar had to say repeatedly: "Hmmm... This IS very much like a NZ life style... Yes, BIG TIME!!"

I'm glad Amar is happy :-)

By the way, we also found a nice Biscotti Jar in the same thrift shop, and given that Amar is such a big fun of cookies in general, and biscottis in particular, we bought that biscotti jar as well. (The jar is on the table in the first photograph of this post.)

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