Monday, August 6, 2007

Kristin's Zucchini Bread

Kristin, the gardener who has been helping me out since this Spring to set back our garden into a good shape, brought her Zucchini Bread, obviously one of her signature sweets, to our place the other day.

I was truly suprised by her generosity, but it was such a nice surprise, and the bread was DELICIOUS!! Very moist and not too sweet, and I loved it so much that I even asked her for the recipe(^^).

Kristin said that she wanted me to try her favorite zucchini bread because I have been occasionally asking her to try some of my bread or sweets when she came to work.
But honestly, I found it really sweet and generous of her to have made all the efforts to make the bread for me, and bring it to our house inspite that she didn't have work at our place that day. And I was touched because I knew that she has been really busy this summer, having to go back and forth between Florida and Bloomington, trying to give as much of her love and attention as possible to both her family and her work.

Our garden has become in much better shape, partly (largely) thanks to Kristin's work and guidance for me. I think I was really lucky to have found you, Kristin.

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