Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Harvesting more apples

(Amar is going to harvest apples.)

Since our apple tree is quite tall, a while ago I ordered online a tool called "fruit-picker". It arrived while Amar was still away for a conference, so I tried using it once by myself. It worked fine, but still I needed someone much taller than I to reach the apples hanging in much higher spots.

So last Friday, I got a longer pole to attach to the tool at a hardware store, and on his coming home I talked Amar into come out to the yard to harvest apples with me. Well, as you can imagine, it proved to be much more efficient and effective with Amar's height and with a longer pole than when I did it with a shorter pole... (^_^)

Let's see how tasty this apple is ...

Biting into it....

Hmm... it is quite a nice apple.

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